Saturday, 25 May 2019

Chelsea complains about Europa league final venue

Baku local authority plan to help Chelsea get to Wednesday's Europe league final, but Chelsea refused.

Uefa's choice of venue for Chelsea and arsenal's match (that should be played at Azerbaijan capital) has been questioned by English fans for its distance as they will have to fly to neighbouring Georgia then travel 580km overland to the game.

Chelsea said; it won't be able to endorse the option, considering the supporters also, it won't be able to help them down to the game. It also sympathise with the problems the supporters face organising traveling to Azerbaijan for the game

In respect to this, Arsenal and Chelsea gave just 6,000 tickets each
The club added it has been working with Arsenal and travel company Thomas Cook Sport to look at ways to help fans travel to Azerbaijan.

Organization has been a challenging process even beyond the club's control; part of which are

This includes the location of the final being 2,500 miles from London
Lack of available charter aircraft and transport infrastructure

Chelsea explained that the local authorities in Baku already told European football's governing body Uefa that there is an alternative option for the supporters; they'd fly to Tbilisi then using ground transportation to Baku. That is a distance of some 580km and often made by a 12-hour overnight train service.

As Chelsea extended their gratitude, the local authority also emphasized that there will be no stewarding or the regular supporter safety measures on board train travel from Tbilisi to Baku.

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