Monday, 26 November 2018

Sarri should know his tactics is not working

I think by now Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri should know his tactics is not working.

First, NGolo Kante is playing out of position and Jorginho doesn't look like someone who can decide a Premier League game. If Sarri is to continue with his tactics, then he has to take Kante out of the starting 11 and bring in Barkley.

For a formation like the one Sarri is playing, Chelsea need someone who can contribute to the attack and if Sarri keeps depending on Kante to do that, then he is making a great mistake.

NGolo Kante's best position is Defensive Midfield and we all know that.

Secondly, if Sarri wants to continue with Jorginho, then he should be taken away from Defensive Midfield role. Sarri should put Kante in Defensive Midfield and let Jorginho play from the left.

As it is now, all the managers already knew Sarri is depending on Jorginho to give those passes and in Chelsea's last 3 games all the teams have been able to stop him.

A switch back to Chelsea former formation under Conte wouldn't be a bad idea also.

This article was submitted by a Chelsea fan. 

Do you agree with him?

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