Friday, 2 November 2018

Liverpool will rip Arsenal to shreds - Paul Merson

Paul Marson has warned Arsenal supporters not be deceived by the club recent form and that they are yet to face any real test yet.

Arsenal hasn't lost a game since their 3-2 defeat to Chelsea last August and many supporters are beginning to believe the team is capable of lifting the Premier League this season.

However, Arsenal will face one of their biggest tests this Saturday as they take on Liverpool at the Emirate stadium. Paul Merson has now urged the London Club supporters not be carried away by the clubs winning run as they haven't played anybody yet and also claim the club will be ripped apart by Liverpool at the Emirate on Saturday.

During a pundit job at TalkSport, Merson was asked by Jim White if Arsenal are genuine title contenders and this was his reply:

'No, if they finish in the top four they've pulled up trees,' He replied

'They've done well to win ten games on the trot, don't get me wrong.'

'But when they come up against Tottenham and Liverpool, and especially Liverpool at the Emirates, I would be shocked if Liverpool didn't win by three clear goals.'

'They will rip Arsenal to shreds.'

'I'm scratching my head because Arsenal have won ten games in a row and in half of those they could have been behind by so many in the first half.'

'But when they get in the second half, when everything is rolling, then they're the Harlem Globetrotters.'

'I mean look at Mesut Ozil, he was phenomenal. If he played like that every week, he'd be the best player in the world.'

'So no, I can't buy into it. I think they've been very, very fortunate.'

'They haven't played anybody yet, and they can't play like this against teams like Liverpool.'

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