Saturday, 13 October 2018

Maurizio Sarri reveals the discussion between him and Jurgen Kloop during Chelsea Liverpool clash

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri has revealed what he and Jurgen Klopp was discussing during the game at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago.

One would say both Sarri and Klopp has a lot of respect for each other and the Chelsea coach has expressed his admiration for the Liverpool coach.

During the game at Stamford Bridge, both Maurizio and Klopp were seen discussing on the sideline and the former Napoli manager has now revealed what they were discussing.

Speaking with Corriere dello  Sport, Sarri revealed Kloop told him he was having much fun even when his team was losing.

'There are moments when the grand spectacle of it all convinces you to put aside any regrets. Even if you concede at the last minute or five minutes into stoppages,' Sarri said

'That was an extraordinary show. Just 10 minutes earlier, I saw Klopp looking at me with the game going on. I asked: 'Why are you smiling?' He replied: 'Aren't you having fun?'

'I said: 'So much' and he added 'Me too.' He was losing at the time. Even after the equaliser, remembering that moment, we hugged like two old friends.'

'I'm sure he would've done the same even if Liverpool hadn't equalised. The Premier League has this Joy of football.'

The next time Liverpool and Chelsea meet again will be on the 13th of May 2019. A match which might determine who wins the league.

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