Saturday, 20 October 2018

Maurizio Sarri apologises to Jose Mourinho

It was clear that Jose Mourinho wasn't happy with Chelsea assistant coach Marco lanni celebrating in front from him after Chelsea equalized in the dying minute of the game.

The celebration leads to a bust-up in which Mourinho was involved. Maurizio Sarri has, however, come out to address the issue and also apologize to Mourinho.

'I didn't see anything on the pitch,' Sarri told broadcasters

'After the match, I spoke with Jose. Immediately I understood that we were wrong. I then spoke with the member of my staff and brought  him to Mourinho to say sorry. I think it is finished.'

Sarri also reveals he will speak with Marco lanni  again.

'I don't know at the moment. I want to speak to him again. I have dealt with the situation immediately, of course, I need  to speak with Mourinho again. I want to be sure he understands it was our big mistake.'

Sarri also speaks about Chelsea performance and admit he was happy with the performance of the team for 60 minutes.

'I want to play every match for three points,' He said

'I am very happy with the performance of the team for 60 mins, after 60 mins, 1-1... we haven't played our football, only long ball and not organized for the second goal. United is better at this kind of football.'

'After 60 minutes, we stopped with our football, we played another football with long ball. We are not organized for this. We don't play long ball. I want to play with short passes, stop. I don't know why.'

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