Tuesday, 9 October 2018

I hope Liverpool wins the League - Sven Göran Eriksson

Former Manchester City manager Sven Göran Eriksson has revealed he wants Liverpool to win the League rather than Manchester City.

Liverpool and Manchester City played a goalless draw on Sunday in the Premier League. Though City would have won the game after they won a penalty late in the game but Riyad Mahrez blasts the penalty over the bar.

Speaking with Sky Sport, Sven Göran who was in charge of City in the 2007/2008 season reveal he is a Liverpool fan and he hopes the title will be heading to Anfield soon.

'It's going to be very interesting as usual,' He said

'A lot of people are saying that maybe it is time for Liverpool. I hope so because in my heart I'm a Liverpool fan. But I think Manchester City are still very strong.'

'I liked Liverpool last season. They played very good football, very optimistic, working very hard, very impressive.'

'They bought some new players so they look very strong. Sooner or later they will win it. no? I hope it will be sooner.'

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