Monday, 22 October 2018

Chelsea need to sack him - Phil Neville

Phil Neville believes Chelsea need to sack one of their man after his display in the game against United on Saturday.

Chelsea coach Marco lanni spark a brawl in the dying minute of the game between Manchester United after he celebrated Ross Barkley's equalizer in front of United coach Jose Mourinho.

Marco lanni actually apologized to Mourinho after the game but Phil Neville believes an apology is not enough and what Chelsea have to do is to sack him as his act was an absolute disgrace and is not worthy of a coach.

'He's gone straight into the face of Jose Mourinho, Micheal Carrick, and the Manchester United bench and just celebrated in their face. Absolutely disgraceful,' Neville said

'He [Mourinho] is the innocent one in all this. The guy on the bench has run straight past him, celebrated in his face.'

'Sarri celebrates. Then it'd this guy here who goes in front of Jose Mourinho, The first one he clenches his fist, and then as he goes back he celebrates again right in front of him. Disgraceful.'

If I was Maurizio Sarri I'd send that guy in and sack him from the club.'

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