Friday, 19 October 2018

Alexis Sanchez will never recover his Arsenal form - Jamie Carragher

Sanchez's best years have gone. He is to Manchester United what Fernando Torress was to Chelsea.

Alexis Sanchez move to Manchester United from Arsenal was what many football lovers sees as a very important move and a platform form the Chile international to add some trophies into his cabinet.

However, the reverse has now been the case as Sanchez has failed to displayed the kind of form he showed while playing for Arsenal. The former Barcelona man has struggled in Manchester United and many now believe the move to Manchester United was a bad  one for him.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has now let out his opinion about Sanchez and reveals in his Daily Telegraph column that Alexis Sanchez is exactly what Torres is when he decided to join Chelsea from Liverpool.

'Sanchez has not been the same player for longer than that. The more I watch him in a Manchester shirt, the more convinced his poor final year at Arsenal was not due to a declining team or loss of motivation as  he prepared to leave,' Carragher wrote

'Sanchez's best years have gone, He is to Manchester United what Fernando Torres was to Chelsea.'

'I witnessed this with Torress, a player who rose to world-class status but then lost his explosive pace and could never get it back. I see history repeating itself with Sanchez. He looks like a footballer with too much mileage in his legs.'

'When Chelsea bid £50 million for Torress in January 2011 there was consternation among Liverpool supporters. Although we could never state it publicly at the time, there was general astonishment in our dressing room. We thought Chelsea had not been watching him for the previous 12 months. We knew Chelsea did not sign the player they thought.'

'The warning signs should have been clearer to Manchester United when they pursued Sanchez. The forward they signed had made 667 senior appearances for club and country before his 29th birthday. By any standards, that is a massive number. Copa America, Confederations Cup, and World Cup commitments have stopped Sanchez enjoying a summer break through his career,

'The reports coming out of Arsenal during the final months of Sanchez's spell at the Emirates were uncannily similar to those I recall about Torres at Anfield, his declining contribution attributed to a general malaise at the club as Arsene Wenger's reign came to an end. No matter what the circumstances, no world-class footballer wants or tries to play badly. There had to be more to it, and Arsenal fans seeing Sanchez toil at United will be the least surprised at how the move is turning out.'

Do you think Jamie Carragher is right about Alexis Sanchez?

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