Thursday, 20 September 2018

Neymar is a disgrace - Joey Barton

Neymar has come under criticism since the game against Liverpool on Tuesday and it's no surprise to hear Joey Barton call him a disgrace.

Many would conclude Neymar was just a passerby in the game against Liverpool and practically did nothing to help the team during the game.

Joey Barton is now the latest to criticize the Brazilian display on Tuesday and many won't be surprised to read Barton's comment as he has once called Neymar an overrated player before.

'I haven't rated him for a while,' Barton said

'He's a phenomenal player, but he just plays for himself.'

'I think he's adversely affected that PSG team, I think they were better before they signed him.'

'I know he's a wonderful player and he brings a lot of revenue for the club, it's probably why they've got the Air Jordan arm of Nike as a kit sponsor because of his flamboyance.'

'But he was a disgrace, actually, for the way he played against Liverpool.'

'I didn't half feel sorry for the full-back. He got no cover at all from Neymar, who was just doing his own thing.'

'Mbappe wasn't good either, but at least he had a runaround, at least he had half a go.'

'PSG want to be a top side and they are a very good team, but you can't have your front three not defending.'

'Compare them to Liverpool's front three - all equally good players and all working incredibly hard for the team.'

'If you're going to be successful at any level, whether that's Fleetwood Town in League One, the Premier League or the Champions League, you need to be a team.'

'I didn't see that from PSG, I was really disappointed with them, and Liverpool deservedly won the game.'

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