Sunday, 2 September 2018

I want to keep this momentum - Eden Hazard

Chelsea forward Eden Hazard has expressed how happy he is playing in Chelsea's new formation.

Hazard who has been impressive this season was a target for Real Madrid before the start of the season. But Chelsea actually refused to sell him and he has since been the backbone of the club atack.

In an interview with Chelsea tv, the Belgian spoke about how impressive he is and his plans for forthcoming games.

'I like to have the ball. Not in my own half, but in the last 30 metres,' he said

'I like this type of game. It's completely different than Antonio Conte or Jose Mourinho before. We have more ball so for me, it's not bad.'

'We just try to keep the ball more often and then when we have a chance to score, we need to score. We're playing good football, so we enjoy. I want to keep this momentum.'

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