Friday, 7 September 2018

England players needs a break - Gary Neville

Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes Harry Kane and some of his teammates might be suffering from fatigue and they really need a break.

The English team got to the semi-final of the world cup and since then most of the lads who played in the world cup has returned to their various clubs after some weeks break.

Gary Neville has however back the players to take some rest especially Harry Kane who played 53 competitive games for both club and country last season.

Speaking with Sky Sport ahead of England game on Saturday against Spain in the Nations League, Neville reveal the team might be suffering from fatigue.

'There are questions about fatigue will be affecting this England team after summer, especially Harry Kane, and there will be players who might be starting to feel it now and not feeling strong or fit,' he said

'There's no doubt that they need that month or two break. However, they will naturally pick up injuries which will give them that break and allow their whole body to recover.'

'I  think with Harry and other players who play week in week out, Saturday-Wednesday and all summer, what you would say is they continue to soldier on and maybe do dip in sharpness, but their level is still high enough to play.'

'So, it is very difficult for a manager to give them a break because they look tired. Harry is playing at a hign level, perhaps not at his peak, but ther's no way you can rest your captain for a competitive fixture.'

'Historically, there were times where you could deals between club and international managers to deal with fatigue, when there were friendly games around November, but I just don't think players would want to miss these games.'

England plays Spain on saturday in the UEFA Nations League.

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