Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Sam Allardyce slam Unai Emery

Sam Allardyce has slam Arsenal new coach Unai Emery over his tactics in the game against Manchester City.

Arsenal lost their opening game against Manchester City on Sunday. The players struggle to build up play from the back which made Manchester City players to press them all through the game.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Sam Allardyce blame Unai Emery's approach to the game and believe Arsenal lost the game because of his tactics.

'It's the manager's fault. It's his fault,' he said

'Don't ask somebody to do, against Manchester City. what you shouldn't do - and you should not play out like that against Manchester City.'

'What do Manchester City do? Press, press, press. So why is he trying to play out when they press, press, press?

'I mean, even the Arsenal crowd cheered when [Cech] dropped one in the opposition's half.'

'You can not just force the only way to play in this way in this country.'

'We are getting obsessed with this stupid let's play out from the back, split the centre-halves either side of the 18-yard box and go and play from there. It's utter rubbish to consider to play like all the time.'

Do you think Unai Emery deployed a bad tactic in the game against Manchester City?

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