Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Our full-backs can play 70 or 80% better - Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wasn't happy with two of his players despite Liverpool getting a win last night against Crystal Palace.

Liverpool won the game last night thanks to a penalty goal from James Milner and a late goal from Sadio Mane.

After the game, Klopp was asked by Sky Sports reporter about what he thinks about his side performance and the German was quick to point out how his full-backs 'Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold' struggled during the game and also reveal he believes they can play 70 or 80% better.

 'It was not a brilliant performance - our full-backs can play 70 or 80% better - but I'm very happy with the result,' he said

'Palace plays a system they play all the time with high-quality players. They are a really good football team with a simple, but clear plan.'

'They tried to cause us problems with the long balls. I don't know a lot of centre-backs in the world who can deal with Christian Benteke like Virgil van Dijk did tonight.'

'It was difficult for us to be completely safe in this situation but we are there and we helped each other avoid big problems.'

Klopp was asked if his side has the chance of winning the Premier League this season. The  German reply by saying 'he believes it is too early to talk about that,'

'It's very early. I couldn't care less really,' he said

'We are in a race with other Premier League teams each weekend. I was not 100% sure tonight in the first half that we would score.'

'You have to play it as it is and be a real challenger, play ugly, do all that type of stuff. Our target is to be a difficult opponent.'

'It is too strong to say anything after two match days. You can discuss whatever you want - just do it without us.'

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