Thursday, 16 August 2018

Get rid of Pogba, He is Arrogant - Alan Brazil

Former Manchester United star Alan Brazil has advice the club to get rid of Paul Pogba after it was reported earlier today that the French man had a  bust-up with Jose Mourinho.

It was reported earlier today that Pogba had a bust-up with Jose Mourinho and the United manager has dared the France international to hand in a tranfer request.

Paul Pogba has been a transfer target for Barcelona since the opening of the transfer window, report has it that the United midfilder wants to sign for the club.

Before the World Cup, there has been some mis-understanding between Mourinho and Pogba, though Mourinho praised the World Cup winner for his performance in their opening game of the season, it is still said that the two are not still in good terms.

Earlier today during Sports Breakfast show, Alan Brazil reveals it's time United sell Paul Pogba and also said he is not happy with the player.

'I'm not happy with Pogba, I think he's arrogant, he's aloof...,' he said

'The way he struts about, if he was playing eight-out-of-ten every week then I'd say, "well he's got a point", but he doesn't!

'You look at Kelvin de Bruyne and David Silva - week-in, week-out they are brilliant for City - but this guy comes along, and there's no doubting his ability, but something is just not right.'

'I think Jose is right to say, 'look, you're annoying the dressing room, you're annoying me, if you don't like it, see you later.'

'It's best to get rid and I think that may strengthen Man United.'

'Every day I'm reading it in the papers, Pogba this, Pogba that - I'm sick of it to be honest.'

Do you think Manchester United really need to get rid of Paul Pogba?

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