Monday, 9 July 2018

Lindelof has more confidence playing for Sweden than playing for Manchester United - Rio Ferdinand

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has revealed why United defender Victor Lindelof plays better with Sweden than with Manchester United.

Lindelof was signed by manchester United last season from Benfica but hasn't been able to prove himself in the club.

He made only 29 appearances for the club last season and Ferdinand believes the Swedish is struggleing because he hasn't been given much trust by Manchester United like the one he recieves when he plays for the national team.

During a pundit job with BBC, Ferdinand reveal all

'He's been immense for them in the tournament,' Ferdinand said

'He's 23 years old, he's young, he came to Man United with a big, big price tag from Benfica.'

'He didn't seem to have the confidence in a Man United shirt that I've seen in a Sweden shirt.

'The manager, the staff, the players in that team look like they believe in this boy.'

'It doesn't seem he has that at the moment at Manchester United and that's what's affected him.'

Lindelof will be joing the United team soon for the Pre-season after his break and will hope the new season will be a better one for him in the club.


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