Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Savic must be willing to die for Manchester United - Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra has advice Milinkovic-Savic on how he can become a great Manchester United player and how he can make it in the club.

Jose Mourinho has been monitoring Savic in the World Cup and the Manchester United coach will like to add the Serbian to his list of player come next season.

The Lazio star is not actually linked with just Manchester United alone, both Juventus and Real Madrid are also monitoring the midfielder.

While during a pre-match analysis as Sport pundit on ITV, Evra was asked about Milinkovic-Savic transfer and his chances. And this was what Evra has to say: 'I'm really careful when I talk about Manchester United because to play for this club, it's not about your ability. You need to be a character, a personality,' he said

'To play for this club, you need to die for this club. The expectations are really huge and I'm afraid now.'

'If you said to me"Patrice, you will play for Manchester United, but you won't even get paid", I would play for this club.'

'So, if he has that mentality - I don't ask him to say he doesn't want any money - but if he goes there and makes sure he will die for the club, I will be really happy.'

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