Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Ozil has 'No Joy, No Passion' - Lothar Matthaus

Following Germany defeat to Mexico in their World Cup opener, Germany legend Lothar Matthaus has accuse  Ozil of having 'no joy and passion.' 

It is said that Ozil has a low passion playing for the country and the Arsenal star body language on the pitch always reveals it all.

In a match where everyone expected the defending champion to win confortably, they struggled through out the game and ended up losing by a goal to nil.

In an interview with BILD, Matthaus review the game and pointed out Ozil's negative body language during the game.

'What displeases me is his body language is nagative.' he said

'I often have the feeling that on the pitch Ozil doesn't feel comfortable in the DFB jersey, is not free - almost as if he does not want to play.'

'There is no heart, no joy, no passion. After the latest impression, it is not excluded for me that he withdraws from the national team after the World Cup.'

'For a year or two, Ozil has played at a level that does not justify the free ticket of Jogi Low. If things go well then Ozil plays well too. If things are going badly, he won't perform well.'

Germany's next game will be on Saturday against Sweden, a match they will need to win if they really want to keep their World Cup hope alive.

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