Friday, 15 June 2018

I won't be doing my job if i focus on other teams - Steven Gerrard

Liverpool legend and new Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has insisted focusing on other teams is not is priority.

Gerrard met with his players earlier today and reveal there is too much work for him to do at Ibrox and he won't be trying to monitor or trying to catch up with Celtic.

In an interview with Press Association Sport Gerrard reveal all: 'I think for me it is important not to be obsessed with Celtic - I have to sort Rangers out,' he said

'There are things we need to improve on and my focus is on Rangers. Brendan [Celtic coach] sent me a message just after the announcement and we exchanged a few messages.'

 'I think it is very disrespectful just to focus on one team in the league, especially when you finish third [behind Aberdeen] and Hibernian were breathing down your neck as well.'

'There are some good teams in the league but for me, I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I was focusing on the other teams.'

'Obviously, there will be a time, a place to focus on those teams when we come up against them but right now my priority is Rangers and trying to improve certain things about Rangers so I can take the challenge to everyone.'

Gerrard will look to prepare his team very well doing the pre-season and hope he gets to know all the players and their right position before the season starts.

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