Saturday, 16 June 2018

'I haven't killed anyone' - David De Gea

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is frustrated about lack of support from the Spanish fans after yesterday's game.

David De Gea made a big error during yesterday's game by gifting Portugal a goal after pushing Cristiano Ronaldo's shot into his own net.

In a game like that of yesterday, many would argue that mistakes are not allowed and De Gea should have done better. The game ended 3-3 after 90min and  Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 51th hat-trick of his career.

After the game, De Gea point out lack of support from the Spanish fans and believes he hasn't kill anyone to deserve such punishment by the Spain supporters.

'I like that there are criticisms,' he said

'Diego Costa has also been criticised and he scored two goals. I haven't killed anyone, either. I'm happy with the national team.'

'I don't see much that they support me from Spain. My own criticism is bad enough. I would have liked that they defend me more in a difficult moment in my life, with an issue from outside the game. I am happy with the support from the manager and the lads.'

'This can happen. It's a mistake. We put on our gloves and go out into the field and we know how difficult it is. I count on the support of the coach and my colleagues to continue. I will stay calm. It was a difficult ball, I'll keep training and try to do things right. I haven't killed anyone.'

Spain takes on Iran in their next game on June 20th and De Gea will look to put all the criticism behind him before the game.

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