Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The thought on Iniesta's head

Following the final game for Barcelona, Andres Iniesta decided to sit alone on the Camp Nou pitch.

Many will wonder what was actually going through Iniesta's head as he sat there alone, is it the thought of the players he has played with in the past and present at Camp Nou? The likes of Ronaldinho, Puyol, Abidal, Xavi, Samuel Eto, Messi, Pique or the ever amazing Barcelona fans. Definitely, he will surely miss them all.

As he sat there also alone barefooted, I wonder if he tries to remember if he had actually walked barefooted on the Camp Nou grass before. An empty stadium, no teammate, just him and the media far away at the dugout. Iniesta will indeed never forget Camp Nou.

During his farewell speech, he said: 'My time at Barca ends here because I know how demanding the club is and what it means to be captain of the best team in the world. I wanted to be honest with myself and the club.'

'It's difficult to say goodbye to what has been my home and life, but I'd never forgive myself if I stayed here without being fully up to it physically or mentally.'

'It was never easy to leave my family when I was just 12. It was a hard journey, but all that sacrifice was worth it because my dream of being a success at Barca came true.'

Indeed his stay at Barcelona was successful, he won everything a player could ever dream of and as he decided to call it quit, it's going to be a lonely walk away.

Forever will he be missed and forever will he be remembered. Goodbye to the great Barcelona Legend 'Andres Iniesta'.

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