Monday, 21 May 2018

Real Madrid's experience does not matter - Jurgen Klopp

Ahead of UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has made it known that Madrid's experience does not matter.

Jurgen Klopp will try all he can to stop Madrid and he will want all his boys to be in their best form.

 'They are more experienced, that is a fact, If there was a market for experience they should sell it because they would be even more rich than are already,' he said

'Experience is very important in life, but not the only important thing in life. Especially in football.'

'It is an advantage to be more experienced but you can level it with desire, with readiness, with attitude, with work-rate. You can level it. That is what I love in football.'

Klopp went ahead to speak about Liverpool's experience also, and also talk about how prepared his players are for the final.

'We have our own experience. We don't have that positive experience where we won our last two finals, or whatever, but we made our own experience.'

'That is good as well. We haven't been as long together as Real Madrid because they not only won the last two, they played these finals with pretty much the same team, which is special.'

'As a group, they are very strong. That is all fact but it is still football and we have a chance.'

Do you think Liverpool have a chance against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Final?

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