Tuesday, 15 May 2018

No team can better our record breaking points - Kelvin de Bruyne

Manchester city's best player of the season Kelvin de Bruyne as revealed it is impossible for any team to better the clubs record-breaking campaign in coming seasons.

Manchester city finished the league with 100 points a fate which has never been achieved by any Premier League club before. In an interview with BBC Radio 5 lives's, de Bruyne mad it known it will be impossible for any club to reach this points in future.

'It is not going to be forgotten for a long time,' he said

'We knew if we got 100 points it would be something special, something that will not be done a lot in the future, maybe never and we are the only ones to do it.'

'And to do that in the Premier League is unbelievable. It's probably impossible because teams are going to try different things. I think we played amazing football. Football that everybody loves to see.'

'The team is amazing. I've never had the chemistry in a team that I've had this year and I've been playing almost 10 years of professional football so that says it all. The team is very good together and that's why it's been so special.' 

Do you think no team will be able to achieve this same point in future?

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