Saturday, 19 May 2018

Mourinho reveals who will start in goal in the FA Cup final

Manchester United Coach Jose Mourinho has revealed who will start in goal when they play Chelsea later today in the FA Cup final.

Many will expect Sergio Romero to start in goal as he started the first four matches of FA Cup before injury ruled him out of the remaining games. Though the Argentine is fit to play again, but Mourinho has revealed David De Gea will start the game meaning Romero will be on the bench.

Asked about who will start in goal against Chelsea, Mourinho said:

'Yeah, De Gea plays. He [Romero was injured for a long, long time - around two-and-something months.'

'He didn't play some matches that normally would be his matches, the semi-final against Tottenham, a couple more matches before the final. He trained only one week before the Watford match, and a little bit more before.'

'And that's the reson, It's not about trust, it's not about my confidence in him, because you could have felt [my trust and confidence] last season when the Europa League final was a much, more important match than this one.' 

'Because the Europa League was giving us the possibility to play Champions League and that is the first objective of any top-six club - to finish [in the] top four - and because we didn't, it was to win the Europa League.'

'And I played the Europa League final with Sergio, so it's not about confident or no confidence, it's about the process of the last couple of months since he had an important injury against Spain.'

 Mourinho and his men will take the game against Chelsea serious as they are yet to win a trophy this season.

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