Tuesday, 22 May 2018

I had some mental problem - Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba has clear the air concerning the transfer speculation linking him to Paris- Saint Germain and also didn't confirm he will be staying at United.

It was a bit difficult for Pogba this season as there were a lot of ups and down. He lose form many times and he was benched many times also.

In an interviews with Canal +, Pogba reveal all that happens during the season and also speak about the speculation linking him to PSG.

'He [Mourinho] put me on the bench, I answered on the pitch, I give my maximum every time,' he said

'There are times when I wasn't playing. I was on the bench. Much has been spoken about. People thought it was wrong but a coach and player don't have to be best friends. One is not forced to go to the restaurant together. I had some problems, it's a mental problem.'

'It made me grow in leadership. I had the armband with Mourinho, it was the first time in a club. It's important to me, it makes me grow up to be as a leader in the France team.'

'Stay at United? You're never sure of anything. Contractually, it's on, yes.'

Cocerning the speculation linking him to Paris Saint-Germain he said:

'My presence at the Eiffel Tower has nothing to do with PSG. We like to debate "oh you imagine Pogba was at the Eiffel Tower, he comes to PSG." No, it has nothing to do.'

'Walking on the Parc des Princes? With a club, no for sure. Honestly, it doesn't appeal to me. I grew up here, my father was supporting Marseille and so did my mum. Paris wasn't really in my daily life.'

'Why not one day on the pitch of the Parc des Princes. It's a beautiful pitch and a beautiful stadium.'

Pogba will look forward to a wonderful in Russia for the World Cup.

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