Friday, 4 May 2018

I am very frustrated - Arsene Wenger

It was a frustrating night for Arsene Wenger and his boys. His last chance of winning a European cup was dashed by Diego Costa even with Diego Simeone not present on the touchline.

When Wenger announced last month he will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, the players were disappointed and some of them promised to win the Europa League for the manager.  As we know, Wenger haven't won a European competition in all his 22 years as Arsenal Manager.

In a night where Arsenal only need a goal or two to book their place in the final, Diego Costa! a man who has always been an headache for both Wenger and his boys step up to hurt them and dash Wenger hope of winning .

After the match, Wenger was so  pissed as he spoke with BT Sport

'Well, it's very said. Very, very, very, very sad. I'm very sad tonight' he said

'Unfortunately, you have to go through that in our game. It can be very cruel, but sometimes very nice. The suffering is of course very strong tonight.'

During his press conference, Arsene Wenger let out his frustration again

'I am like the team, very sad and very disappointed.'

'Even very frustrated, as well, because when you go out of a competition and you had the performances in 180 minutes that we had, it very difficult to take.'

'We didn't manage the important moments of the games well. We were 1-0 up at home and we conceded a stupid goal.' 

'Tonight, one minute before half-time we conceded on the counter-attack and you know it's a critical stage of the game. Psychologically you know these are crucial moments.

'It was then easier for them. They played with a bit of fear at the start but at 1-0 they have the cushion. That goal was absolutely vital tonight.'

It really so sad to see Arsene Wenger ending his time with Arsenal without a European trophy but we wish him all the best in his next Managerial career.

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