Saturday, 5 May 2018

Don't ask me why i always play just Lukaku alone again - Jose Mourinho

On a night where Romelu Lukaku was absent, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial were chosen to lead the United attack against Brighton. But guess what, the two couldn't live up to expectation.

Manchester United lost by 1-0 and Jose Mourinho was very sad at Rashford who wasted a lot of chances during the game.

Romelu Lukaku has always been leading the lines for United this season and after the game on friday Jose Mourinho  tells reporters why he always play Lukaku instead of Martial or Rashford.

'I wouldn't say disappointed, because I know them. I thought for some the possibility to start a game, to give reason to the ones who criticise my choices,' Mourinho told Sky Sports.

'Why always Lukaku?' Now you have your answer to 'Why always Lukaku?' We are not as good as individually as people think we are.'

'The players who replaced others didn't perform at a good level and when individuals don't perform at a good level it's difficult for the team to play at good level.'

'And now maybe you understand why some players play more than other and you won't ask all the time why A, B and C don't play more.'

'My players if you ask them they will tell you I told them what was going to happen and at half-time. I knew it and I told them but that's what we got.'

'Of course, there was a positive reaction in last 20 minutes but that's normal.' 

What is your take on both Martial and Rashford performance against Brighton yesterday?

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