Sunday, 6 May 2018

Conte sends SAF a classy message

Antonio Conte has sent Sir Alex Ferguson a message wishing him quick recovery following the former Manchester United manager brain hemorrhage surgery.

 Ferguson had an emergency surgery on Saturday and Manchester United later confirmed it went well. After Chelsea game on Sunday against Liverpool, Conte reacts on Sir Alex Ferguson condition.

'My reaction when this type of situation happens, I'm very sad.'

'Very sad because I have had the possibility to know him, and his wife and to understand that this is a special person.' he said

'He is not a normal person. As a manager, he won many titles in his career. I think I appreciate a lot the man.'

'Yesterday, I must be honest, this news changed my day in a bad way.'

 'But we hope to see him quickly, to have our best wishes to recover very, very soon. Now it's very difficult, we want to stay very close to his family.'

We at Elitessport wish Sir Alex Ferguson a quick recovery and we hope he gets back to his feet soon.


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