Friday, 11 May 2018

Both Mark Noble and Paul Pogba look in love - Jose Mourinho

During Jose Mourinho post-match interview after yesterday game against West Ham, the Manchester United manager joked about the burst up between Mark Noble and Paul Pogba.

It was really not a good night for Paul Pogba again as he had a frustrating night. The Frenchman couldn't control the Midfield and he was also making some reckless challange.

With some minute left in the game, Pogba made a bad tackle on Noble and the West Ham man couldn't overlook it which led to a brawl. Both players received a yellow card after the incident and during Mourinho's interview, he reflected on the issue.

'The ref handled the game well,' he said

'I was watching images and Paul and Noble they looked in love! Hugs and kisses and changing shirts, so it was good.'

'I think it was competitive, we needed the points to finish second, they don't win anything because they did the job last match at Leichester, but they play to win and the changes David[Moyes] made was to try that, so the game was competitive.'

'We resolved the problem in a good way because the game was tense but the game was correct.'

Machester United confirmed their place in the second position, they will now focuse all their training in preparation for their FA Cup final game against Chelsea.

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