Monday, 28 May 2018

Bale has nothing more to prove in Madrid - Rio Ferdinand

Manchester United Legend Rio Ferdinand believes Gareth Bale has nothing more to prove in Madrid and that he has only been giving the role of a supporting cast all this while in the club.

Gareth Bale was the hero for Madrid in the Champions League final against Liverpool but looking at his time in the Spanish side, he hasn't been giving much time to shine since he was signed from Tottenham.

Though Bale was bought to replace Cristiano Ronaldo or even increase the competiton for the Portugal captain, but rather he havn't been able to do any of those as he has been giving limited time to shine.

Rio Ferdinand has now take time on Instagram to encourage Bale and tells him is time to move on and join a team where he will stand as their main man. Ferdinand also point out Manchester United as the best club for the Wales international.

'Gareth Bale 4 CL winners medals, 3 CL finals goals - what more is there to do at Real Madrid for Gareth Bale? He was brought there to eventually take over the mantle as the teams talisman from Cristiano Ronaldo but the Portuguese megastar has not played ball with the idea Real had regarding Bale,' he said

'He has sustained a relentless assault on collecting individual and collective team awards through his phenomenal goal scoring exploits since Bale arrived in Madrid. Some may say Gereth's non combative nature and him not having an ego to rival Ronaldo's has played its part in holding Gareth back from going on to take the top dog spot at Madrid's top table - who knows  but it was never going to be easy.'

'But what he has done is produce magic moments on the big stage - in finals, and played a vital role in this record breaking squad lead by the great Zidane. Whatever anyone has to say about him he has etched himself into the history of Real Madrid, a club that prides itself on winning the biggest prize in European club football.'

'Now I feel it's up to him to decide what he wants. Some will say he has nothing to prove and I understand that to a certain extent but he want to go somewhere and be the main man and take on the full responsibility of a club who want to win? or does he want to remain and continue in the role he is now, as the suporting cast...?'

'Personally, I would love to see him come back to the Premier League [preferably with Manchester United ] and dominate. Write a new chapter as a leader of a club, the go to guy all times, the icon...this is what greats do in all sports not just football, it elevates them.' 

Do you think a move to Manchester United is really good for Gareth Bale?

Share yor opinion with us.

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