Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Signs that shows you shouldn't get married to the one you are dating

Getting Married is not just about Love before we say 'I DO', there are some signs we must look out for that will show us why we shouldn't get married to that partner of ours.

Today we've have decided to list out some of the signs and we hope it helps someone

Below are some of the signs:

1.  You can't be yourself when you are with them
Are you in a relationship with someone and you find it hard to be yourself when you are with them, you always have to force a smile or a laugh—you're not the same person with them as you are when you're alone. This is a big sign.

2. You imagine them changing in future
 If you’re telling yourself that everything will be different once you’re married, that they will finally make you a priority over their friends, treat you better, stop cheating on you, support an encourage your career or be even able to get themselves together and hold down a job, you have to ask yourself whether or not you can be with your partner exactly as they are for the rest of your life.
The reality is many people do not change and we kid ourselves into thinking they will which only leads to our own unhappiness.You should understand that getting married to them doesn't mean they will change, people only change when they feel they have to. 

3. You can't confide in them
Is your pertner someone you can't discuss with, you don't feel secure to tell them things because you are scared they might tell someone else, or they might judge you. This is certainly not a good sign, think twice.

4. You feel you are not good anough to be your partner
In the right sense, your partner should inspire you and make you a better person. However, if you feel most times that you are not good for him or her, like you are not smart enough or lacking a quality, you will end up growing unhappy during your stay together.

5.  You don't fight
Many might find this funny, but it's actually healthy to sometimes disagree with your partner. You should disagree sometimes and listen to one another point of view doing your fight. After the fight, he or she should be able to understand you without bearing a grudge or walking away angryly . Fight helps us to understand each other better. A perfect marriage is not that one that has no fight, it is that one that each persons learn to understand ones fault and apology when is is due.

6.  Your F.A.F does not like him or her
Sometimes people does take this seriouly because they are blinded by love or they are just too overwhelm to notice a wrong sigh in their partner. If your family and friends disapprove of your partner, it is worth hearing them out and taking their opinions seriouly.

 This is all we can bring to you for now. We hope it help your relationship.

Remember your comments are welcome. 

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