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We take a look at the easiest way for you to tighting your Vagina after birth.........
Although, I will quickly run through what actually happens during child birth for the benefit of first time expecting mothers. It’s simple…your vagina widens, the baby comes out and the vagina takes about six weeks to heal and return to normal.
Alright, well…maybe it isn’t as easy as I just made it sound. Six weeks of recovery is just an estimate. Sometimes it takes twice that time (about 12 weeks) for your vagina to heal and return to normal. You are going to have to heal from bruises, swellings and sore muscles. You are going to have mild cramps inside your tummy as your womb begins to contract and return to its normal state.
Hey relax, don’t get cold feet now. Other women have been able to handle it and I’m sure you can too.
And if you’ve given birth before I’m sure you also experienced sore nipples and then you probably had times when you would just break out in sweat at night. This is actually as a result of the hormonal changes that comes with childbirth. My wife had it rough too. After our first baby, she would just break out in tears for little or no reason in the middle of the night. That really creeped me out. I had to research and found it also had to do with the hormonal changes
The vagina also isn’t left out in all of these changes. I mean, during childbirth it actually widens to allow your child push through and that isn’t really a small feat. Depending on a lot of factor like the size of the baby, genetics and time it took for the delivery to happen, this stretching of the vagina can differ in size.
However, after childbirth the vagina would not be the same way it is before the delivery. There would actually be pretty obvious signs that it had stretched. Here is the reason. Your pelvic floor muscles slacks and this affects the width of your vagina. And if you had not been doing kegel exercises this change can possibly be way more pronounced
After like 6 – 12 weeks the vagina starts coming back to shape.
But The Problem is…
….it never really returns to that same tight original state that used to give your husband MAXIMUM pleasure before you delivered. And as you get older and have more babies it becomes worse and worse.
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