Thursday, 25 August 2016


Sturridge scored 2 goals against Burton Albion in the EFL Cup
England international, Daniel Sturridge is clearly not the happiest Liverpool player under Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool’s current top scorer was not started in the EFL Cup match away to Burton Albion, though he came on in the second half, played from the wing and scored two goals.

“Of course it is more difficult for me to play wide. I’m a centre-forward,” Sturridge said after the 5-0 win.
“In the modern day game you have to try and be flexible but everyone knows my best position.
“Everyone knows where I enjoy playing the most. I’m a player who plays on instinct, and in the middle I have clarity on movements and things that I have been doing for years. I am on autopilot there.
“You just do things because you are used to doing it. But when you are out wide, you have got to worry about different things.
“It’s just a different way. The way you move, the way you play – it is all different. You can’t play the same as you do as a centre-forward.”
Though Sturbridge added that he was ready to help the team from any position. “Well, I have to do a job for the team.
“That’s not saying I am happy to do it. That’s saying I have got to do a job for the team. It’s a team game. If I am put in that position, I have to play there.”
Liverpool supporters will be very wary of this kind of friction developing in the first team with other senior players like James Milner and Mamadou Sakho, discontent with the way they have been handled by Klopp.

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