Monday, 21 September 2015

Pastor Taribo West exposes footballers who use charms to play

Growing up, watching football matches and WWF fights makes you wonder what super-humans God specially created with superpowers to do what they did. But the bubble burst as one got older and realized that WWF (now WWE) was indeed entertainment and not real. Sad, but at least the super-humans of football are real, right? Wrong. Well that is the gospel according to Taribo West. The former footballer turned pastor, in a recent interviewrevealed that footballers did in fact use diabolic charms to play, hence their huge success, including himself. “Of course yes (I was involved). I don’t know why people decline to talk about their involvement with charms. Football has to do with a lot of powers. When there are big events, you look at the stadium, you see people, fans invoking all kinds of things; magicians are there, voodooists are there. “In my playing days, when I was ignorant, I used to get some mallams and babalawos (traditional doctors) to make charms for us, which we took to (national) camp. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. “In some clubs, before every game, the president or leader of the club will give you a lucky charm to play with. They will tell you to put it in your boots or socks and play. It’s their superstitious belief; that it can help them win matches. “There are some coaches who are connected to African magicians and soothsayers from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Zaire or even Nigeria. These people are consulted to give these coaches results of games even before the matches are played. “These people see strange things and they can tell you with their magic and charms, what the outcome of a match will be. People believe and use it. It works for those who believe in it. I saw it, I experienced it, I was with players that used it and I used it. So, why are people denying it? There are charms and rituals in football. It still exists.”

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